A pessimist's mind

Dear Miss Queer,

I can’t help wondering how a pessimist’s mind works. It is as amazing as it is irritating. A pessimist has 2 options, he either has to be perfect himself or he is going to end up jailed in self criticism. If he overcomes self criticism, he becomes a critic, but only if he has expertise in a certain field!
But, you see Miss Queer, the situation of the former is quite pathetic. He will be so pissed with self all the time. How can a pessimist not look at his own negatives? Once he starts self criticizing, he is going to end up with a huge inferiority complex.

He will go to people for help, they will say one or more of the following-

1. Get out of this inferiority complex man
2. You are not bad at all, I don’t know why you are underestimating yourself
3. Why are you rejecting everything I am saying? If you are going to be so, no one can help you!

See Miss Queer, here is the biggest trouble for a pessimist. Basically being a pessimist, he can’t look at the positive side of things; yes I am talking about matured stages of pessimism.
Firstly, Get out of the complex sounds too easy and too simple. For god’s sake the name inferiority complex was given instead of inferiority feeling/emotion is because IT IS COMPLEX.

Secondly, When someone says you are underestimating yourself, he just feels that he is not under estimating but just estimating. He is able to see the negatives in himself more than everybody else, he always sees an opportunity for betterment unexploited and starts blaming self for that.

The Third question is perhaps what most of the people who try to help will end up saying. But the answer is actually pretty simple for a pessimist. The whole point of pessimism is the inability to accept positive stuff. The killing trouble is the inability to accept stuff. If at all he was able to accept and agree with the positive things, he wouldn’t be a pessimist at the first place.

So the elements- Pessimism, Inferiority complex and introvertism, which are completely related to each other when joins, becomes the  worst psychological nightmare. I am wondering what could be the solution for this.

What do you think?


Dear Miss Queer,

Hi. I know you are wondering who you are. You are my Blogpal. You are a figment of my imagination. You are of my age and you will grow up with me and my thoughts. I will be writing letters addressing you on various subjects through this blog. What I write may or may not be deemed mundane. But you will read, won’t you Miss Queer? To save you from the troubles, I don’t expect you to reply to any of my posts. 

However, this letter is open to the public and they can voice their opinions. I promise I will make my letters as interesting and intriguing as possible. Nice writing to you. Till my next letter to you, bye Miss Queer.

Yours Lovingly,

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