Dear Miss Queer,

Hi. I know you are wondering who you are. You are my Blogpal. You are a figment of my imagination. You are of my age and you will grow up with me and my thoughts. I will be writing letters addressing you on various subjects through this blog. What I write may or may not be deemed mundane. But you will read, won’t you Miss Queer? To save you from the troubles, I don’t expect you to reply to any of my posts. 

However, this letter is open to the public and they can voice their opinions. I promise I will make my letters as interesting and intriguing as possible. Nice writing to you. Till my next letter to you, bye Miss Queer.

Yours Lovingly,


saTish said...

Nice start bro...looking forward to promising and intriguing posts!!! Will voice my opinion for sure... ATB!!

Satish :)

C.V.Varun said...

Thank you Satish. Will do my best to keep up the promise!

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